Ed Driscoll

'A Sense of Novelty, Scarcity and Excitement'

Kate of Small Dead Animals links to a recent post from Silicon Valley media blogger Alan Mutter, which is also the source of our headline above:

Humphry Slocombe VS San Francisco Chronicle

Think about it: A barely two-year-old business with no marketing budget in a modest storefront in a less-than-fashionable part of town now has a larger and arguably more passionate audience than a once-mighty metro daily that traces its history back to 1865.

How did it happen and what does it portend for what’s left of the Chronicle and the newspaper business?

It could just be that people like ice cream.


You know it’s a strange new world when an ice cream shop gets salesmanship 101 far better than the local newspaper does. If only the Chronicle could stumble over hot stories that build on a sense of novelty, scarcity and excitement…

Oh, and in a related development at a different boutique Bay Area food business, can Northern California produce a dessert treat as boring as the San Francisco Chronicle itself?

Yes we can!

we are green
sustainable ingredients We source local and organic ingredients for our cupcakes.

environmentally friendly packaging Our signature pink boxes are made custom for our bakeries and are both compostable and recyclable. The utensils, cups, napkins and bags we use are also compostable.

green build out Our bakeries are designed and built to green certification standards. Green elements include:

• bamboo and plywood cabinetry, sustainable and Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC)
• all adhesives used in construction and installation are formaldehyde free
• Corian countertops certified by Greenguard Environmental Institute
• all paints, sealers and finishes contain zero volatile organic compounds (ZERO VOC)
• title 24 energy compliance and energy star appliances.

green cleaning We are proud to use biodegradable cleaning products from San Francisco based Method and Oakland based Greenworks line from Clorox.

landfill reduction We divert the majority of waste from landfills by virtue of comprehensive recycling and composting.

delivery fleet We operate a delivery fleet comprised exclusively of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV). Operating four separate bakeries throughout the Bay Area allows us to deliver the freshest cupcakes to you on short notice via the most efficient routing.

And having sampled them, they taste about as the same as the compostable and recyclable cardboard they’re packaged in.

No word yet on when artisanal sno-cones will be arriving though.