Ed Driscoll

Did I Call This, or What?

[youtube 6vQpW9XRiyM]

“CBS, ABC Excited Over Barack Obama’s Bid to Recapture His ‘Glory Days,'” Scott Whitlock writes today at Newsbusters.


As I wrote at the start of June, in a post titled, “Your Guide To Quality Fall Television:”

Brian Williams of NBC is having second thoughts about Obama, as is Gloria Borger of CNN. Meanwhile, ABC runs an article with this metatag, and a similar, if slightly toned down headline: “Oil, Immigration, Romanoff: Is the Obama Administration Falling Apart?”Assuming BP is able to get the oil spill in the Gulf plugged, how much of this is the media laying the groundwork for their “comeback kid” narrative to roll out…right around September or early October, and running to, oh at least, the first Tuesday in November — and possibly longer, depending upon the outcome on election night?

Who knows how the next months will play out, but it’s something to salt away for the future.

At Hot Air and at Gateway Pundit respectively, Ed Morrissey and Warner Todd Huston are touting the new poll from Gallup showing public trust of the legacy media as being underwater, a trend that began in…2004, purely [cough, Dan Rather, media refusing to report honestly on Swift Vets’ story cough] coincidentally, I’m sure. And as Moe Lane writes, the dinosaur media’s overtly partisan coverage of the 2006 mid-terms, signaling their willingness to go all-in for the Democrats just in time for 2008 didn’t help matters.


But the overt political bias of the network TV news media in particular makes their narratives so utterly predictable. If they actually had journalists from both parties reporting the news, they might be able to introduce the occasional change-up to plays that they’re telegraphing from miles away.

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