A Man on a Squishee Bender can sure do some Crazy Things

[youtube 61kHpmenkT8]

With all of the talk recently of “Candy-Ass RINO Squishes” during the Christine O’Donnell-Mike Castle primary race in Delaware, clearly this group needed a drink of their own:


It’s dangerous stuff, but I’d say all of us have drunk from this cup from time to time.

Related: And speaking of O’Donnell, Stacy McCain reviews her new ad campaign: “O’Donnell Mailer Slams Democrat Chris Coons on Tax Increases.”

Related: The better stocked Kwik-E-Marts have additional politicized comestibles on their shelves such as this item — and no, it’s not a Photoshop.

Related: Ratchets and other hardware items are located in aisle five, which is where Kenneth P. Green of the American Enterprise Institute explores “Moderate Republicans and the Ratchet Effect:”

It’s no wonder that the liberals are gnashing their teeth and rending their garments over the potential loss of moderate Republicans. They are afraid that immoderate Republicans might actually stick to conservative principles and throw a wrench into their ratchet.


Meanwhile, P.J. O’Rourke throws plenty of cold Squishee water back at Chris Matthews after Matthews attempted to use O’Rourke to attack O’Donnell’s 1990s-era chat show quotes:

I’ve got some — I’ve got some problems with evolution myself — I mean, because I look around at, say, Democrats and I say, “That’s evolved?” You know, I would say it’s going in the other direction, you know?

Heh. Devo Action Figures are available in aisle 10.


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