Ed Driscoll

The Colbert Show vs. The Coates Showdown

They told me that if I didn’t support John Edwards, we’d continue to see Two Americas at war with each other — and they were right, Rob Long notes at Ricochet:

I can see why the Democrats don’t want us to talk about this. I understand perfectly why they’d rather have us talk about Stephen Colbert and the circus down the hall. And it’s no surprise that the media — ever compliant — prefer the Colbert story, too.

But before we’re drowned out by Colbert 24/7, it’s worthwhile to ask: does anyone have even a shred of doubt that if this had been a Republican Department of Justice, if the races were reversed, that Christopher Coates would be the new “it boy” of the media liberals? In that case, the entire episode would be a six act play — testimony would extend over several days, it would dominate the nightly talk shows, they’d pre-empt the soaps, heads would roll, special prosecutors would suit up, there would be talk of jail time.

Instead, what do we get? A meaningless sideshow. A collective yawn from the media liberals. More toadying, lickspittle, compliant behavior from the reporting and chattering classes.

But one thumb up for the Christian Science Monitor, who giveth and taketh away, by reporting on the New Black Panthers story, but choosing a photo and caption that makes the Panthers out to be (sorta-kinda) good guys.

Meanwhile, as Andrew Breitbart asks, “Which Malik Shabazz Visited White House in July 2009, Mr. President?”


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