Ed Driscoll

Cause and Effect

At Ricochet, up and coming conservative blogger Pat Sajak clusters together the Pangaea of leftwing societal complaints, in the form of “One Simple Question From the Left:”

Why have you homophobic, Islamophobic climate change deniers who would send our fighting forces to die to protect oil interests…oppose equal rights for women and people of color…callously ignore the health care needs of our most vulnerable citizens…condemn our children to live on a planet ravaged by the effects of pollution… force young, inner-city women to choose between having more unwanted babies or obtaining life-threatening, back-alley abortions…spread malicious lies about people and policies you oppose…push for huge tax breaks for the wealthy at the expense of the middle-class…support laws that would punish the children of undocumented workers who have come here to make better lives for their families only to be exploited by big business…oppose any attempts by workers to organize themselves in order to stand up to greedy corporations…continually criticize public-sector workers who selflessly toil on behalf of all Americans…promote gender and racial stereotypes…advocate huge budget expenditures for weapons while ignoring the needs of average citizens…and conspire to steal elections through manipulation and intimidation…become the party of fear and hate?

Meanwhile, Political Wire offers breaking news from 1998: “Republicans Increasingly Turn to Fox News.”

Huh. You know, I really can’t imagine why.

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