Ed Driscoll

If Only They Could Starve The Budget This Way

“When Running for Congress and in Need of Attention, Try Starving Yourself,” Nicole Allan proffers at the Atlantic.

As Allahpundit is wont to say…Dude:

Two congressional candidates in California have embarked on a hunger strike to force incumbent Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter to debate them. Democrat Ray Lutz and Libertarian Mike Benoit, who are running for Southern California’s 52nd district, have not eaten anything since last Thursday; they plan to continue the strike until Friday, at which point they’ll call the strike off even if Hunter has not caved to their demands.

“Unlike the Irish Republicans who died of starvation after hunger strikes protesting British rule in the 1980s, Lutz will only go so far,” Politico’s Kasie Hunt reports. “‘I don’t want to die – going to a debate with Duncan Hunter is not important enough for me to die,’ he told POLITICO on Tuesday.”

Lutz has so far missed 17 meals, lost 14 pounds, and taken an enema to avoid toxic shock.

Why not fast the modern leftwing way — with a rolling hunger strike? As Olivier said to Dustin Hoffman about acting, it’s so much easier.

(Speaking of the left and toxic shock, Steve Green war games the November Congressional maps.)