Dispatches from the Cold Civil War: When New Media Meets Old

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“If you are part of the free press and actually expose a political scandal, you will suffer for it in this country. It is intolerable to those in the media that young people, independent people who have access to YouTube could possibly have all that power. We’re just obscure nobodies, yet we can actually influence Congress.”


— James O’Keefe, speaking to the American Chesterton Society; video online here.

That’s also a topic that Steve Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott explore in the latest edition of their Trifecta show on PJTV. Stick around to the end — the “County Law” snippet is a riot.

And on the flip-side, “Media Steps Up Defense Of Obama,” Dan Riehl writes:

It seems when Politico’s Roger Simon went to bat for Obama against his base, it wasn’t an isolated act. Below is Stephanopoulus via BreitbartTV. The memo has gone out. I’m quite serious when I say, they are only going to allow this guy to fall so far before they step in for him to the fullest extent they are able. They have too much invested in him to allow him to fail without a fight. And if the GOP takes Congress, there will be a new demon in town by 2012.

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos details the “achievements” of the Obama Administration during an interview on Good Morning America. “That’s quite a legislative record, isn’t it?”


Sounds like a variation on the “Comeback Kid” scenario I had mentioned back at the start of June.


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