Ed Driscoll

All the News that's fit to Print, Six Years Later

Joan Vennochi of the New York Times-owned Boston Globe explores “The yacht vs. the pickup truck: Democrats are now the party of perceived privilege, and GOP is the party of the people.”

Evidently the Globe is the last to know — check the date on this post.

(H/T: OJ.)

Related: “Noonan for all to see:” Tom Smith writes, “Peggy, my advice is, just give yourself permission to be a Democrat.  It’s OK. We understand.  You think we’re grubby, noisy, ill educated and don’t know our place, and we think you’re a pompous, posing RINO who wishes she were Patricia Harriman and isn’t.  So let’s just agree to disagree.”

Hey, it can’t be easy for Peggy, being part of America’s Ruling Class and all.

Update: Roger L. Simon on “The Party of the Rich.”

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