Ed Driscoll

Next on PBS's Mathnet, the Squad Pays a Visit to Math Camp Delta

Victor Davis Hanson attempts to make sense of the Ministry of Truth-style PC run amok in the Obama administration and asks, “What is going on here? The president is setting the tone, and a host of truth departments are his choruses.”

Not the least of which NASA, whose current motto seems to be,  “No Air or Space Anymore,” Myra Adams writes at the Daily Caller.

Fortunately, Cuffy Meigs solves two of Obama’s more intractable dilemmas in one stroke: Turn Gitmo into NASA’s Math Camp Delta!

Giving America’s Devil Island a friendly, new “can-do” face — CHECK!

American rocket scientists patting medieval barabarians on the head while cooing, “Who can do long division? Who’s a big boy? You are! You are!” — CHECK!

Streamlining government operations — CHECK!

Closer to Florida — CHECK!

Everyone wins. Except for that dunce who can’t grasp Pi; he gets waterboarded 3.141592 times.

As Cuffy writes, “Don’t say I never helped the President.”

Heh, indeed.™ And don’t miss the accompanying photoshop.

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