Ed Driscoll

Obama's 2012 Power Plays

As I wrote this afternoon on the shakeup, President Obama putting Gen. Petraeus in charge of Afghanistan “could prevent the latter man from running against Obama in 2012.”

Tunku Varadarajan concurs:

Obama has reason to be delighted with himself right now: He has sacked a recalcitrant big-mouth; he has entrusted said big-mouth’s job to a certified hero and military star; and he’s taken that star out of contention for 2012, making his own re-election that much more likely, given the headless turkey that is currently the GOP.

And also just in time for 2012, is the electoral college about to get nuked and paved?

Update: In contrast, at PJM HQ, Dan Miller writes, “The War Between Obama and McChrystal Is Over — Obama Lost.”

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