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Gore in the Balance at the National Enquirer Update: Cover Added

One of the Professor’s readers notes:

“What’s it say about the MSM that a Presidential Candidate and a Commanding General were taken down by the National Enquirer and Rolling Stone Magazine? They’re not exactly bastions of journalistic integrity-or did things suddenly invert over the last 10 years?” Well, they still do actual reporting.

If this report pans out, the Enquirer can add another scalp to their corporate mantelpiece:

An article in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER says former Vice President Al Gore was accused in 2006 of sexually attacking a masseuse in Portland.No criminal charges were brought against Gore.

The story will appear in the latest issue of The ENQUIRER and will reportedly include “secret police documents” obtained by the national magazine.

The incident allegedly occurred while Gore was visiting Portland on October 24, 2006.

The report also said that the alleged incident was part of what led to Gore’s recent breaking with his wife of 40 years.

“Developing,” as the man who broke a similarly-themed story involving Al’s former boss would say.

Update: The Newsalert blog has a photo of the National Enquirer’s low-key and surprisingly tasteful cover for this issue:

Or as Jonah Goldberg would say, Shweeooo!”

Update: Also at Newsalert,“Al Gore sex charges investigated before: Portland Tribune chose not to publish a story after interviewing alleged victim and others.” Keep Rockin’! Newsalert also has a link to the PDF of the police report at Portland Tribune’s Website.

Update: “She saved her pants as evidence” reads one of the Enquirer’s blurbs, which sounds vaguely familiar for some reason…

Update: Synergy! The perfect cable show to discuss this topic debuts in September on CNN.

Update: Further thoughts from Emily Miller of Big Journalism.