Ed Driscoll

'Unconsionable Ineptitude,' Then and Now

As Victor Davis Hanson recently wrote, when he reflected on “What Our Media Taught Me:”

I used to think, given the enormous size of the bureaucracy and the tragic nature of the human condition, that from time to time disasters would overwhelm us — and there would be not much the president of the United States could do about them. But after Katrina, the media taught me that neither the mayor nor the governor nor the Army Corps of Engineers nor the people of New Orleans were at fault for either the vulnerability to the chance of a catastrophic Katrina or the response after its arrival. No, you see, the commander in chief is the ultimate arbiter of successful or unsuccessful reactions to all such disasters. OK, so be it.So while I am not inclined to blame Barack Obama for the scandalous federal laxity in the now polluted Gulf, the media long ago taught me that I most certainly should.

As did Obama himself. Naked Emperor News flashes back to several quotes on President Bush and Katrina, beginning with March 2008, one of those moments when then-Senator Barack Obama, scoring quick wins against an inept Hillary campaign, thought that everything would come so easy once he was in the White House. “We’re going to do some hard thinking about how we could have failed our fellow citizens so badly.”


Update: More pushback against Katrina-era leftwing bloviations: Monica Crowly has a few questions for Spike Lee and Kanye West.

Update: “Rudy Giuliani on Obama’s Response to BP Oil Spill: ‘If You Taught Leadership 101 This Would Be a Case Study on NOT What to Do’ (Video).”

Update: Two more Oba-rubes identify themselves.