Ed Driscoll

Now is the Time at Ed Driscoll.com When We Juxtapose!

Matt Drudge in 2003: “Roger Ailes told me early on, you don’t need a license to report. You need a license to do hair.”

Hot Air, today: “Robert Gibbs: It’s too bad people like Palin don’t need licenses to get on TV.”

Curiously, the left are complaining about media coverage of the president’s reaction to an incident involving Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. Do they really want reopen that door of the memory hole?

Related: And speaking of Palin, “She sees something worse than Russia from her back yard.”

Update: Jim Treacher sees the handwriting on the wall, and like Iowahawk before him, pivots accordingly: “Robert Gibbs: Best White House Press Secretary ever?”