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Leave Blackie Lawless Alone!

Oh, wait, sorry — wrong WASP. Jules Crittenden asks, “Are Liberals Anti-WASP?”

Do bears … ?

It’s one of those questions, where if you have to ask …

OK, let’s look-up the original definition of the term, from Wikipedia, which sees all, and occasionally even gets it right:

White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, commonly abbreviated WASP, is a term used in the United States, usually in a reference to an apparent elite status…The term was popularized by sociologist and University of Pennsylvania professor E. Digby Baltzell in his 1964 book The Protestant Establishment: Aristocracy & Caste in America. However, its first recorded use was by Andrew Hacker in 1957.

The “white folks’ greed runs a world in need,” passage in Obama’s Dreams of My Father book certainly takes care of the first word in WASP; and Obama’s endless attempts to poison America’s relationship with England finish off the rest of the phrase.

More from Jules:

But back to the title question, which made me laugh and made me read Pat Buchanan, who I normally don’t have much time for. I appreciate a Catholic who’s willing to stick up for WASPs, though. See, we can all just get along. So, are liberals anti-WASP? Is the pope Catholic? Is the Rev. Al Sharpton an opportunistic race-baiting publicity hound? Hang on, I’ve got a better one. Does the president of the United States pal around with terrorists and America-hating racists?

It’s one of those questions, where if you have to ask …