Ed Driscoll

It's Come to This: Anderson Cooper Defends Segregated Education

As Frank Ross writes at Big Journalism, along with video of Cooper doing his damndest to keep the viewer at home — maybe two or three if CNN is having a good night — entertained:

And folks at CNN wonder why their ratings are rock-bottom: with obtuse and belligerent anchors like Anderson Cooper wrapped around their necks, where else could they be?

Note the references to Foucault and Derrida that flow so trippingly from Michael Eric Dyson’s tongue — standard leftist deconstructionist blather.

Welcome to the world the Left has made, for and your children: obsessed with race and deeply hostile to traditional American values. Know what the best part is? They’re not finished with you yet.

Cooper’s defense of segregated schools shouldn’t be surprising at all, of course: we’ve been tracking the growth in popularity of separate but equal education on the left since the early days of this blog; last year, the New York Times had their separate but equal “NYT Holiday Gift Guide For People Of Color” last December.

In a related post on the Pajamas homepage, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley isn’t exactly living up its namesake’s ideals these days.

Update: Glenn Reynolds explores “When Racial and Ethnic Studies Backfire:  College students taking racial and ethnic studies courses have lower respect for members of other groups.” As the Professor writes, “No surprise.”