Ed Driscoll

'Cartoon Network Beats CNN, MSNBC'

Don Surber surveys the front lines of the cable wars:

TV Newser has the February prime time rankings.

USA is No. 1, Fox News No. 2, TBS No. 3, TNT No. 4 and the History Channel No. 5.

At No. 26 is MSNBC and CNN is No. 32.

Over at 13th place, the Cartoon Network is beating both of them.

It’s the credibility gap.

The whole listing is at TV Newser.

Linked by Glenn Reynolds, who has his theory as to why the Cartoon Network is more popular. Thanks.

Since it seems we’ll never have Fox News at the airports, is there any chance of switching from CNN to the Cartoon Network there? It would certainly soothe the nerves of the passengers better than CNN, as well as provide more honest reporting.