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Rielle Hunter 'Screamed For Two Hours' After Seeing GQ Photos

At the Daily Caller, Mike Riggs writes:

It seems that John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter had no idea that her photoshoot with GQ would make her look straight-up crazy. On “The View” today, Barbara Walters discussed a phone call with Hunter in which she asked the videographer about the GQ photoshoot:

“She was in tears when she called and said that when she saw the pictures in GQ, she screamed for two hours.” Rielle, who had previously met with Barbara last June in preparation for an interview that never transpired, told Barbara “she found the photographs repulsive.  When I asked if that was the case, why did she pose the way she did, she said she trusted Mark Seliger, whom she said is a brilliant photographer, and quote, ‘I went with the flow.’”


I’m not sure which is more naive of Hunter: trusting John Edwards to be honest, or trusting a legacy media photographer to make his or her subject look good when there’s a narrative that needs to be illustrated.

(Besides, while Hunter apparently believes in all sorts of New Age mysticism, it’s not like the MSM considers her a deity, of course.)

Meanwhile, some related thoughts from Ann Althouse: “The New Republic illustrates a serious piece about the Tea Party movement with a gross photograph that’s meant to evoke the pejorative ‘teabagger.'” Moe Lane adds, “TNR should just Embrace the Hate, already.”

I think they already have.

Update: Found via Sister Toldjah, Jeff Taylor writes:

Voters of North Carolina need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask how it is that they completely fell for a man — electing him a United States senator — so flawed as John Edwards, a man who would so completely fall for a shambles like Rielle Hunter.

And that goes double for the boys and girls at McClatchy who allowed themselves to get swept up in John Edwards fever simply because he punched all their liberal do-gooder buttons.


Not that the man who ultimately punched all their liberal do-gooder buttons has been much of an improvement, of course.

Update: “Hello America, My Name Is Reille Hunter:”

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