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Chuck Todd: Jealous Neo-Luddite

Personally, I’d much rather not, but at Big Journalism, Archy Cary suggests, “Put yourself in Chuck’s shoes”:

Soon to be 38-years old, he attended but didn’t graduate from George Washington University, yet he’s an adjunct professor at John Hopkins University, no doubt because of his job as Political Director for NBC News.  By his lights, he’s at the top of his field.

Along comes Matt Drudge, who graduated 341st out of his high school class of 355.  He worked odd jobs while he slowly, using his small apartment as his base of operations, built up a news distribution dynasty from an email mailing list of 1,000 in 1995.

Drudge is something that Chuck Todd has never been and will likely never become – an entrepreneur.  Drudge’s website took nearly 8 billion hits in the last 12 months. And that’s why Chuck decided to take a hit on Matt.

Todd’s a jealous Neo-Luddite.

A Neo-Luddite is someone who believes that the use of technology has serious ethical, moral, and social ramifications. Operating under this belief, Neo-Luddites are cautious to promote early adoption of technology, and while they are not necessarily opposed to technology, they would prefer to see a more serious discussion of the role of technology in society. Some Neo-Luddites actually dislike technology, opting for a life of “voluntary simplicity,” but this is not always the case.

“Voluntary simplicity” is just what Chuck would like to see maintained, and what Matt and other are methodically deconstructing.  Far better, by their lights, to simply let Chuck and his MSM colleagues, the “genuine journalists,” feed us the stories they want us to eat.

Sorry, Chuck. You’re out of luck.

In a related story, Congress forgets whom the first amendment is primarily directed towards.

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