Ed Driscoll

Please Commence Panicking In An Orderly, Controlled Fashion

A smattering of headlines from today’s news:

Of course not. And Capt. Smith says there will be plenty of ice for the Martinis, once we get past these icebergs up ahead.

As Orrin Judd writes, “It took 14 years for the GOP to grow cynical in power. It took the Democrats three. Maybe that’s why they call themselves Progressive?”

Related: Ever see the “How A Bill Becomes A Law” segment of ABC”s Schoolhouse Rock? The ObamaCare bill becoming law is that episode if Franz Kafka or George Orwell ever wrote for Saturday morning TV. John Podhoretz attempts to make sense of the labyrinthian process involved, which is so convoluted, it could fail out of sheer complexity. But if not, Michelle Malkin asks the question of the moment: “Does the GOP have enough balls to fight the Left or doesn’t it?”

What happens next for the health care bill is also the topic of the latest edition of Breitbart.tv’s B-Cast.

Update: Charles Krauthammer looks at the state of the current ObamaCare Charlie Foxtrot and concludes, “Surprised? You can only be disillusioned if you were once illusioned.”