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Global Warming: Is There Nothing It Can’t Do? Part Deux — Updated

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in 2008: Global warming has caused unseasonably mild winters in DC area.

Time magazine, today: "D.C. Snowstorm: How Global Warming Makes Blizzards Worse."

Global warming -- it could eventually lead to global cooling!

In the meantime, "AP Story Breaks US Media Wall of Denial on IPCC Mess; Al Gore Still Silent."

Update: From Tim Blair, "Mann Changes Climate:"

Professor of Warmenology Michael Mann -- the “hockey stick” guy -- was scheduled to give a talk today about climate change.

But it’s been cancelled due to snow.

Meanwhile, Kathy Shaidle sends a meteorological memo to Media Matters.

Update: As a record level of snow falls on DC, Naked Emperor News looks back at the Beltway left and global warming in preceding years:

Ed Morrissey adds, "I suspect that seeing the sun rise in the east somehow would convince these people of global warming, or at least of the need to seize the means of energy production, which is really the point. Too much snow, too little snow, snow that doesn’t form pretty crystals, and bent snow shovels all would meet the climate models — mainly because the climate models are so unreliable that pretty much any kind of weather can be claimed as evidence."