Another Piece Of The EPIC Puzzle Falls Into Place

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Well, sort of: The classic EPIC 2014 viral video from 2004 somewhat satirically posited that the New York Times would eventually go offline and go back to being print only, to service its aging, sclerotic readers. That’s likely not happening — at least not be 2014 — but an upstate New York paper actually is starting to exit itself from the Web, or at least toying with the idea:


Today we started removing items from our free Web site – comics, letters to the editor, puzzles, TV grid and letters to the editor.

The idea is to wean people off the free Web site and either get them to buy the print version or the e-edition, which is just a PDF of the paper.

Anyone have any experience doing this? What do you think of taking editorials off the free site?

We haven’t figured out a way to charge for the whole Web site, so I think we’re going with this piece-meal approach until we do.


Mark C. Mahoney
Editorial Page Editor
The Post-Star
Lawrence & Cooper Sts.
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Blog: Your Right to Know:

Which dovetails nicely into a new post by Hugh Hewitt, who notes that a group of investigative business journalists are apparently funding their project by short-selling stocks of floudering newspaper stocks. Short the decline!

Hugh’s post is titled, “The New, New Journalism.”

Say, that’s a headline that rings a bell


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