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President Barack Costanza Obama

Back when Senator Obama named Joe Biden to be his running mate in 2008, there was only one logical explanation: Obama was channeling George Costanza’s “Opposite Theory.” Why else would Mr. Hopenchange, such a cool, cutting edge guy, choose such a boring establishment guy to be his veep?

Without mentioning the Seinfeldian Universe directly, Victor Davis Hanson writes that little has changed:

All politicians fudge on their promises. But this president manages to transcend the normal political exaggeration and dissimulation. Whereas past executives shaded the truth, Barack Obama trumps that: on almost every key issue, what Obama says he will do, and what he says is true, is a clear guide to what he will not do, and what is not true. It is as if “truth” is a mere problem of lesser mortals.

But remember, he’s not an ideologue!

(But if everything he says is the opposite of what is true…? Axelrod, coordinate! Axelrod, coordinate!)

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Just another dispatch from the files of Police Squad!

[youtube vHOHOS_-ae0]

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But remember, he’s not an ideologue!

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