A Tale Of Two Campaigns -- Updated

While we’re waiting for word from the apparently non-existent exit polls, dueling headlines describe two very different campaigns at work, on a local and national level:


What can we infer from that second item? Jim Geraghty believes that “When the ‘it’s the other guy’s fault’ memos are flying before 3 p.m. on Election Day, it’s a leading indicator.”

Update: More Geraghty: “While it’s not unthinkable that a campaign could win while they’re quickly ensuring that they don’t take the blame for the loss, it seems pretty darn unlikely.”

Update: A DNC official responds to the Coakley camp, going nuclear, as Allahpundit puts it, in the process:

Before the DNC and DSCC got involved there was barely a single piece of paper on what the narrative is on Brown. The candidate in this race and the campaign have been involved in the worst case of political malpractice in memory and they aren’t going to be able to spin themselves out of this with a memo full of lies.


Ben Smith of the Politico adds, “A White House official e-mails: ‘It’s a little mind-boggling to see political consultants spin the election before the election is even over. There’s only one reason to do that.'”

As Ace puts it, “What a Pair: DNC Staffer Hits Coakley Even Harder Than They Hit FoxNews and Rasmussen.”



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