Advantage, Crowder!

At the end of his brilliant video expose on Detroit’s woes for PJTV, Steven Crowder noted that the half century of  “stimulus” that Detroit has received from the government makes it the ideal model to see the future of Democratic economic policies in action:


[youtube 1hhJ_49leBw]

In the mid-1990s, while a newly-minted GOP congress was reviving America’s fortunes, Rudy Giuliani took Manhattan, a city whose escalating crime and lackadaisical public services placed it on the brink of becoming he next Detroit, and pulled it back from the edge. The city he passed onto his mayoral successor was in far better shape than what Giuliani inherited.

Well at least until now; as blogger JammieWearingFool writes, “Bloomberg to Obama: Hey, Thanks for Turning Us Into Detroit.”


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