2009: The Year Of The Failed Narrative

The Rhetorican is keeping track of the list so far:

tiger-obama-golf-digest-12-091.  Global warming.

2. The postulates of The Hamsherist Manifesto ( 1 minute and 15 seconds into this video) in its many iterations, a narrative which was obliterated – along with Hamsher’s credibility – by Jane Hamsher herself.

3. American oppression breeds terrorists.  Seems that the enjoyment of “wealth, privilege, and education” breeds terrorists as well.  Who knew!

4. Janet Napolitano is looking out for our nation’s security.  This one actually failed at Fort Hood.  But you knew it was going to once the bumper sticker wrote itself: “I’m a National Security Threat, And I Vote”.

5. Obama has a plan. On one side, an FDL writer thinks Obama’s out to lunch on this one.  On the other, so does Jim Geraghty at The Corner.  Nuff said.


There are likely numerous others. As the president told a fellow Democrat this year, “don’t think we’re not keeping score.”

Related: And speaking of this post’s titular subject, Power Line notes, “Democrats’ Narrative Isn’t Selling.”

Update: Jimmie Bise reminds us of another of failed narrative: “Whatever happened to that whole ‘most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history’ narrative?”

Hey, the MSM played along for a while, but even their thinking wasn’t magical enough to fully buy into that one.


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