Ed Driscoll

Twice The Guilt, Half The Commandments!

As the science becomes further scuttled, as we’ve noted before, what remains of the global warming cult is clearly a new religion for a new millennium. (Hmm, a millennium — I wonder how those are reckoned…?) While the warm-mongers have an endless number of unwritten tenets, Victor Davis Hanson believes the new age faith can get by with only half the commandments of its predecessor:

Given the disturbing news about the growing green business empire of Gore, Inc., the private jetting by grandees into Copenhagen to harangue us about our incorrect lifestyles, and the expansive estates of prominent green advocates, it seems that the movement is in need of a formal code of conduct to restore the reputation of climate-change advocacy. Here are five simple commandments that all prominent global-warming activists need to embrace after the blowback from Climategate and various disclosures about the big money involved in green advocacy:

(1) No green public advocate shall have personal business interests predicated on climate-change remedies.

(2) No green public advocate shall fly in a private jet.

No green public advocate shall ride in a limousine.

No green public advocate shall live in a mansion.

(5) Every green advocate shall limit transcontinental jet trips to one per year.

Over to you, Al!

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Found via (and not at all surprisingly) Tim Blair.