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I'm Not Sure We Can Afford This Much "Brilliance"


Yet another specious FDR comparison; in "Obama's Brilliant First Year", Jacob Weisberg of Slate drinks deep the Oba-Kool-Aid, writing, "By January, he will have accomplished more than any first-year president since Franklin Roosevelt."

And gosh, whether it's protracted unemployment, or an anemic Dow Jones Industrial Average, look at what FDR accomplished while in office:



On a more realistic note, John Hawkins asks, "Would Obama Be President If He Made These Five Campaign Promises?"

Which is actually a fair question to ask about his aforementioned predecessor as well.

Update: The Rhetorican looks on the bright side of Weisberg's hagiography: "the White House sure could use a cheering section right now." Though I think it would benefit more from a few of those proverbial "wise old men" that Peggy Noonan referenced the other day.

Related: "Turkeys of the year."

Update: Roger Kimball also sees a positive side to Weisberg's Obacomium: "Anyone in need of a therapeutic laugh — and who isn’t these days? — should click on over to Slate and savor Jacob Weisberg’s latest exercise in unintentional comedy."