The Bears Are Who We Thought They Were

Back in September, we referenced the World Wildlife Federation’s botched advertisement associating global warming with 9/11; this ad by the appropriately named “Plane Stupid” attempts to do much the same. What else does one think of when watching bodies fall from the sky in an urban environment filled with high rises? At least until ascertaining that those bodies are the wintry cousins of Yogi, Boo Boo, Smokey, and their Build-A-Bear brethren?


[youtube fxis7Y1ikIQ]

Even before the scandal that broke on Friday involving the Climate-Anti-industrial Complex’s emails, it appeared that the sheer lunacy of the global warming crowd’s rhetoric had recently been ramping up exponentially — eat your dog, shrink your family, go vegetarian, “Urinate on the compost heap to save the planet”, because global warming causes absolutely everything — including terrorism and prostitution. (No word yet from ACORN on that last item.) And we only have ten years, five years, 50 days to do something about it! Look for the new email scandal to heat the blood pressure of the warmists almost to the temperature of the earth’s core.

Update: Found in the comments of Tim Blair’s blog, scientists, circus performers, and astute urban developers are already teaming up to provide innovative solutions to the nation’s plummeting bear market:

[youtube Pa1pIO4_lUY]


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