Ed Driscoll

Breitbart Wades Into The Belly Of The Beast Of ACORN

In 2007, Bernadine Dohrn, Obama associate and former member of the Weather Underground terrorist group described living in America as being trapped in “the belly of the beast”:

We who are, as we used to say, in the belly of the beast … It again means not that we are the only purveyor of violence in the world, but that we have an extraordinary, special responsibility, not necessarily the most enviable one, of how to act here, inside the heart of the monster.

Which, while ordinarily disgusting language to describe America, seems oddly appropriate for this Obama-related story:

Despite all the evidence we have published that exposes ACORN as both corrupt and criminal, no other mainstream media organization has shown any signs of investigating ACORN despite countless angles and document trails.  So I knew I had to go down to the protest on Bundy Drive to ask ACORN protesters a few questions.

With very little time I got in the car with Big Government Associate Editor Alex Marlow to meet Gary H. down at the protest. When we arrived, the protesters were fifty or so strong, monitored by a few police units standing to the side. Given that the police made me feel safe, I walked straight toward the chanting protesters while accepting an ACORN full-color single page handout entitled, “ACORN MEMBERS — MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN  THEIR COMMUNITIES,” which sung the praises of the organization.

As I walked toward the group I noticed a news camera was filming them, so I stood next to the camera, not only to memorialize what I was saying, but also as a further attempt to grant myself security, given that I was greatly  outnumbered.

I told the group that my website, BigGovernment.com, was the website that had launched the ACORN story and that I was here to answer any questions they had about our investigation.  Instead of engaging me, they backed away, pointed at their ACORN buttons, screamed and chanted. One ACORN leader, a towering African American gentleman, told the group: “‘We don’t want to hear what he has to say.” And began leading them in a group chant:

“Everywhere we go, people want to know, who we are, so we tell them:  We are ACORN, mighty, might ACORN!

They also chanted, multiple times, words from the old Unidad Popular Marxist song that accompanied Salvador Allende’s successful 1970 presidential campaign in Chile:  “The people united, will never be defeated” – a rallying cry for radical leftists all over the world.

I tried to draw their attention and talk as loud as I could, and asked a series of questions, “What do you think about Dale Rathke embezzling  millions from your organization?” “How much are you getting paid?”  “Are you aware that ACORN has been caught paying less than the minimum wage for protesters fighting for a minimum wage increase?”

And I also told them many times, “You are being used.”

As Andrew writes, “One thing was certain from this confrontation. They were not prepared for it.”

Huh. There seems to be a lot of that going on amongst the left this year. Or as Sue Esty, the assistant director of American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Maryland was quoted as saying in September, in reference to the right having learned Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals playbook, “It’s kind of scary! They have learned all of the tricks.”

Update: Earlier today we linked to Moe Lane’s post about Missouri’s Democrat Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and her incredible ability to say absolutely nothing about her desire for PelosiCare in a three minute soundbite. Found via Glenn Reynolds, Dana Loesch notes what else she isn’t saying much about: “More on Carnahans’ Ties to ACORN”, adding, “This also makes sense as to why so many ACORN workers were present at Russ Carnahan’s summer rally for fauxcare.”

Meanwhile, Patterico tweets, “Breitbart to hit ACORN in L.A.  L.A. Times columnist James Rainey to get egg on his face.”