Ed Driscoll

The Clothes Have No Emperor

While Obama remains largely free of criticism in most network news rooms, he better start shoring up another part of his base — the Comedian-Industrial Complex, which is poised for counter-insurgent action: “When Late Night Attacks: Left Worries Obama Becoming Punchline.”

As Orrin Judd recently quipped, “People have mistakenly used the ‘Emperor has no clothes’ analogy for the [Unicorn Rider.] The real point is the clothes have no Emperor.”

Obama and his supporters could deflect charges of his lack of executive experience while on the campaign trail as Anita Dunn has bragged. But the floundering of the last eight months (Nobel approved!), coupled with the radical chic Marxism of his staffers,  is increasingly hard to ignore, as comedians who once moved in lockstep with the president are slowly, slowly beginning to notice.

Update: In the comments below, the CEO of Paco Enterprises is taking credit for bringing the first Obamacentric “clothes have no emperor” reference to the marketplace — in 2008.

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