Ed Driscoll

"News From the Energy-Efficient Red Light District"

Jonah Goldberg spots German hookers “giving discounts for carbon offsets”:

One [Berlin] bordello, hoping to stave off falling demand in the economic crisis, has begun offering discounts to customers who pedal bicycles to the door.

“It’s very difficult to find parking around here, and this option is better for our environment,” said Thomas Goetz, who owns the brothel Maison d’Envie, or House of Desire.

* * *

To qualify, customers must show the receptionist either a bicycle padlock key or proof they used public transit to get to the neighborhood. … Those who arrive on foot, however, are out of luck.

“We haven’t found a way for people to prove they have walked here,” Goetz explained.

To paraphrase an infamous early National Lampoon cover, it’s the Spring Liberal Fascism Preview!

Not to mention a reason, however tenuous, to link to this terrific high-eighties MTV moment:

[youtube DinvTZ85OtI]

Update: Entirely unrelated to the above story except locale, Berlin goes under das über-Obamabus.

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