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Hey, That Water Won't Carry Itself

The Washington Post and the Politico do their best to carry water for the Obama administration on the issue of “civility” — those crazy fringe tea partiers and conservatives, versus the calm, elite Obama administrators. Regarding the former, Michelle Malkin is the subject of the former, for daring to ask the questions about an inconvenient topic the Post would rather not cover:


The Sunday edition of the Washington Post featured a massive, front-page article by Ann Gerhart decrying the “incivility” of conservatives. “The nation’s political discourse seems sour, angry, even dangerous,” Gerhart frets.

The introduction of the article spotlighted an e-mail from yours truly to Obama-philic author and Jamestown Project member Charisse Carney-Nunes.

Does the e-mail contain incivil rhetoric, profanity, or threats?


My message contained….questions:

Which Michelle relays in her rebuttal/correction to the Post’s strange article, which contains this classic bit of dissembling. Michelle reprints a photo in the article of  Carney-Nunes, whose caption notes the now viral “mmm-mmm-mmm” video was was “erroneously linked” to.

Here’s how erroneously, Michelle writes:

There was nothing “erroneous” about the link. The video was uploaded on the YouTube channel of Carney-Nunes.

Which the Post doesn’t argue with. Rather, according to the Post…

Carney-Nunes said an associate of hers videotaped the children’s performance and later uploaded it, along with video and photos from other of her readings, to Carney-Nunes’s YouTube account.

Oops! The upload button just went off!

Meanwhile, Politico helpfully dissembles for the Obama administration’s very visible lack of public civility:


President Barack Obama called rap star Kanye West “a jackass.” Vice President Joe Biden told a senator to “Gimme a f—-ing break!” Economic adviser Christina Romer declared that Americans had yet to have their “holy s—-” moment over the economy.

Those who pay attention to political rhetoric say an unusual amount of profanity has emanated from this White House – even without counting famously colorful White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel. But before this statement becomes fodder for yet another partisan debate (with conservatives saying Obama is disgracing the presidency, and liberals that the media are once again being unfair), they quickly add that Team Obama is no crasser than administrations past. It’s just that they are being quoted more accurately.

Uh-huh.  One possible alternate meta-explanation here.

(Elsewhere Robert Stacy McCain channels Mssrs. Bialystok and Bloom.)

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