When Documentarians Attack!

Or at least their media minders. In the New York Post, Kyle Smith writes, “Who denies that Michael Moore is a communist? Not Michael Moore”:

I gave him the opportunity to stake out a position for himself as a non-extremist at Alice Tully Hall on Monday night.

After a screening of “Capitalism: A Love Story” at this sparkling palace of capitalism (cocktails in the Morgan Stanley lobby, little black dresses in the Citi balcony), Tina Brown brought Moore onstage for a Q&A.

She posed a series of questions about his skill and daring, then invited the audience to query the filmmaker. I went to a mike and said (I am paraphrasing our chat), “I couldn’t help noticing that you use the Bolshevik anthem [‘The Internationale’] on the soundtrack at the end of your film. Wouldn’t you agree, though, that communism was far worse than Clinton-Bush era capitalism in the US?”

I thought this a softball question that any reasonable person would answer in the affirmative. I was surprised when I was hustled away for asking it.


We don’t have video of this incident, but I suspect it looked very much like this:

[youtube 6-cvK9vxA6M]


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