Ed Driscoll

Windows 7 Is Bringing The Sexy!

As the Hollywood knew in its golden days, it’s what you don’t talk about that makes it intriguing. In other words, this is a pretty *$#*@#-ing good parody of an otherwise staggeringly lame advertisement:


[youtube gyas7BrbUFY]

(VodkaPundit and James Lileks will debate this and the dreadful original version of this ad on the upcoming edition of PJM Political this Saturday.)

Update: Proof that at Microsoft, some things never change. Found in the comments section of Lileks’ post is a much earlier Microsoft promo video, designed to explain the miracles of Windows 386 to nascent computer retailers. As the comment below it suggests, click on the button below the video that advances it to the 7:00 minute mark when the descent into ’80 Hell is complete.

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