BREAKING: House Votes to Cut All Funds to ACORN

Reported by Big Government, appropriately enough:

Rep. Darrell Issa  (R-CA) offered the Defund-ACORN bill to the Student Loans bill.  The House vote convincingly to cut ALL federal funds to ACORN.

Vote: 345 to 75.  Complete results here.



And that’s on the heels of the Senate’s earlier vote to cut funding. Although at least one blogger believes, “Still think any such provisions will vanish in the final versions of the bills.”

Michelle Malkin has the list of the no-voters, and cautions, “Just the beginning. Far from the end.” Rep. Issa adds, “The battle, however, to deny ACORN federal funding is not over until the President signs the bill into law.”

Update: Given the odious bill this defunding is coupled with, Accuracy In Media dubs it a “Hollow Victory Against ACORN.”


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