Ed Driscoll

Let The MSM-Michael Moore Lovefest Begin

Over at Big Hollywood, Christian Toto gazes into his crystal ball and makes plenty of extremely safe predictions for what to expect in your local newspaper:

Director Michael Moore has a new movie coming soon – “Capitalism: A Love Story.”


It could only mean one thing – OK, many, many things:

  • Rave reviews from at least 80 percent of film critics. And I’m being conservative.
  • More press coverage than any documentary filmmaker could ever dream of.
  • Few, if any, labels associated with him in the press. Liberal? Nah, he’s a muckraker, an iconoclast, a rebel, a truth teller… [Urban Modern! — Ed]
  • Oscar buzz aplenty. Feel badly for any other documentary filmmaker who did great work this year. Chances are you won’t be taking home the Oscar for your troubles. Better luck next year.
  • More softball questions thrown his way by alleged journalists – this time, Oprah herself will get in on the action.

Moore, who won the Best Documentary Oscar for “Bowling for Columbine” and gave us the factually challenged “Fahrenheit 9/11,” has helped shape the film industry for better and worse.

Whatever her excesses, Pauline Kael was smart enough as a liberal film critic to catch the lies in Moore’s agitpropumentaries right at the start.

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