"It's Yahweh Or The Highway!"

David Harsanyi outlines “The president’s troubling use of religion to sell health care reform.”

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Update: Steve Green also links to Harsanyi’s article, and adds:

President Bush used to get pilloried for exactly this kind of thing — and rightly, too, if you ask me. President Obama? Eh, not so much. What possibly could be the difference?

Two theories.

1. The obvious — he’s a liberal, the press is liberal, he can get away with more.

2. The slightly less obvious — Obama doesn’t really mean it, and the secular (if not actually agnostic) press knows he doesn’t really mean it, so he can get away with more.

Keep in mind, as as agnostic myself, I don’t really have a dog in this fight.

My money’s very much on door #2.


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