Ed Driscoll

In The Wee Weed Hours

We quoted James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal in the previous post; one of his recurring leitmotifs goes something like this:

Great Orators of the Democratic Party

And we can add a phrase uttered by President Obama in a speech today to the list of stirring moments in progressive oratory:

“There is something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee weed up!”

Come back President Bush and Vice President Quayle, all is forgiven.

Update: Mary Katharine Ham processes the line through the Obadecoder, and the answer suddenly becomes obvious: to paraphrase the title of Roger Simon’s recent video, it signals the opening salvo for Obama’s plot against the urologists.

Update: Gerard Vanderluen explores all the possible angles that this topic deserves: “I look for our watchdog media to get on the case and grill Robert Gibbs on the deeper meaning of ‘Gets all wee-weed up.’ I know they’d do it for George W. Bush and this president deserves no less.”

With the help of a look-the-other-way media, Obama’s persona during the campaign last year centered around an entirely-undeserved perception of cool. Coolness being one of the most brittle of affectations, it’s merely a matter of time before someone feigning it watches his bubble burst.

Saul would have it no other way, and this latest unforced error merely speeds the process up.