Ed Driscoll

In The Mail: Driving Like Crazy


P.J. O’Rourke’s newest book reflects on the golden era of the automobile. As his recent Wall Street Journal essay noted, it’s an era now almost entirely subsumed by the industry’s own short-sighted thinking and government rapaciousness.

(Frame capture from the last season of Mad Men, as Don Draper buys a ’62 Cadillac Coupe de Ville from an auto showroom that strongly reminded me of the appearance of my family’s suburban Chevrolet dealership from right around that time.)

Related: “My most honest, most visceral response to Cash for Clunkers is sadness–sadness that old cars are being destroyed before their natural end. Older cars are rolling history. Chevrolet isn’t making any more 1991 Chevrolet Caprices, for example. These cars are a non-renewable and, in my mind, precious resource.”

Not to mention that Cash For Clunkers doesn’t seem to be helping Government Motors as much as their chief competitors. But is that a bug or a feature in the collective Obamind?