Ed Driscoll

It Was Necessary To Destroy The Economy In Order To Save It

Mister, we could use a man like Eric Blair again. In the meantime, Shikha Dalmia of Forbes does an excellent job outlining the Orwellian aspects of “The Godzilla Solution — The sci-fi economics of clunker-crushing”:

So, to recap, the Cash for Clunkers plan involves restoring the economy by destroying wealth and healing the environment by destroying resources. By this logic, we should use the stimulus money to fund a new Godzilla brigade to mow down the country and rebuild it in a more environmentally friendly way. Imagine how much richer and cleaner the planet would be.

Test-drive the whole article.

Found via Steve Green, who also links to a Letterman-esque Top Ten List variation on the Cash For Clunkers theme:

At the Huffington Post, Michael Likosky and Josh Ishimatsu make no bones about exactly what they want: a Federal bailout for the formerly-golden state. They even came up with ten whole reasons, one of which even uses the phrase “moral hazard.”

I do not think that phrase means what they think it means.

As one of Steve’s commenters writes about the third item on the HuffPo-Meets-Letterman list, “With Joe Biden overseeing the Cali bailout, what could go wrong?”

And speaking of Joe Biden and Top Ten Lists