Ed Driscoll

The History Of Green And Blue Screen In The Movies

Video gearheads will certainly enjoy this HD video at, appropriately enough, Videomaker magazine on the history of blue and green screen in the movies, going back to Linwood Dunn’s pioneering efforts at RKO in the 1930s.

And speaking of Dunn, he gets namechecked in my newest article at Blogcritics on selecting the appropriate transitions when editing your next online video (which references some of the transitions I experimented with in the intro to the most recent edition of Silicon Graffiti). It makes, I hope, a nice follow-up to my own article this month at Videomaker on “The Art of the Title Sequence.”

Related: Well, tangentially at least. At Deep Glamour, Virginia Postrel explores another side of Hollywood make-believe: “Grace Kelly: ‘Natural Glamour’ Rising from the Sea.”