Ed Driscoll

Not Fit For Family Viewing

The horror! “TVNewser has learned CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen’s contract will not be renewed and she will be leaving the network”:

Roesgen, you’ll recall, was criticized for her coverage at the tax day tea parties in April, when she said the event she was covering in Chicago was, “anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing, conservative network Fox.”

Roesgen took a break for a few weeks after that reporting and returned to the air in May covering the Drew Peterson arrest. Most recently, she covered Michael Jackson‘s death from Los Angeles. Roesgen joined CNN in 2005.

When TVNewser asked whether Roesgen’s comments at the Chicago tea party rally had anything to do with her not being renewed, a CNN spokesperson said, “I can’t comment on personnel matters.”

I can though — you can watch my flashback to Roesgen’s infamous moment at the 3:00 mark of my video on the July 4th weekend Tea Party in San Jose:

And check out Founding Bloggers for their video — which CNN’s attorneys did their damndest to try to supress — of Roesgen being questioned about her “reporting” by her interviewees.

What’s Roesgen’s next gig? On Twitter, Anna Jackson Johnson jokes, “If Daily Kos had a TV station, Roesgen would be their next hire. Oh, wait, they do. Move over Rachel Maddow!”

Update: Moe Lane writes that we don’t know yet “who gets to keep this (metaphorical) scalp; but I think that the Tea Party movement can certainly claim it.”

Update: Something tells me that Stacy McCain really is being a model of tact and nuance here

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