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New Silicon Graffiti Video: "The New Medium Is The Message"

Scott Baker and Liz Stephans of Breitbart.tv's daily B-Cast show join me for the newest edition of Silicon Graffiti. After a brief flashback to a period when television really was a Brave New World, we'll look at the future of Internet television:

  • What the legacy media thinks of their successors in new media.
  • How it's supplanting the coverage of stories that old media considers samizdat (see also: the Tea Parties on April 15 and the July 4th weekend).
  • How new and old media will eventually converge.
  • And more!

To watch our nearly 40 previous editions of Silicon Graffiti, click here and just keep scrolling, or visit our YouTube page. You’re more than welcome to embed the above video on your own blog — in fact, we encourage it. For a YouTube-sized version, click on the sideways-Y-shaped icon on the above video. To embed the bigger 16X9 widescreen version, click here, then click “Embed” and choose (naturally enough) “Big Widescreen Player” from the options below.

Update: Related thoughts from Clay Shirky:

The change we’re living through isn’t an upgrade, it’s a upheaval, and it will be decades before anyone can really sort out the value of what’s been lost versus what’s been gained. In the meantime, the changes in self-assembling publics and new models of subsidy will drive journalistic experimentation in ways that surprise us all.
Read the whole thing, as they say in new media.

(Bumped to top.)