Ed Driscoll

When Realms Collide

Jennifer Rubin looks back in bemusement:

Back in February I wrote that there are indeed “two Americas” — a political one (then still fully enthralled with Barack Obama) and an economic one (already struggling with worsening unemployment and a downward spiral in investor and consumer confidence). And I predicted:

Eventually the two realms — economic and political — will collide. As elections draw near politicians on both sides and the MSM political coverage become very interested all of a sudden in the CPI, the Dow Jones, the trade deficit, and other financial indicators of our economic health.

Well, plainly I was wrong about the timing. The collision of the two realms has already occurred, well in advance of the 2010 elections.

Perhaps it was the June unemployment numbers. Maybe it was another negative trend in the stock market and credit delinquency rates. But the voters have awakenedwith a start. And more swiftly than many imagined, Obama’s poll numbers are tumbling.newsweek-cover-2-16-09

Huh — whaddayaknow? Pace the headline writers at Newsweek, and as this past weekend’s Tea Parties demonstrated, maybe we’re not all socialists now.