More Reuters Fauxtography?


William A. Jacobson writes, “Reuters has run photo of a bloodied Honduran protester [reprinted above — Ed] dramatizing the bloodshed at protests for Manuel Zelaya. (h/t) Problem is, this photo appears to be staged”:


Blogger Hunter Smith, who recently finished his Marine service including two tours in Iraq, flew to Honduras to cover the turmoil. Earlier today, Hunter phoned in this post:

He did see an older man in a white shirt reach down into the blood pool and cover his hands. He then wiped them on his shirt to make it look like his blood or that he had been involved. Hunter saw what he thought was an AP photographer take the man’s picture. Hunter said if you see it on the web, don’t believe it. It was faked.

If you look at the man in the photo, it is clear that the blood was not the result of a wound, but was wiped on his shirt, just like Hunter said. This photo was staged, although the Reuters photographer did not necessarily know it.

The caption on the photo says: “Supporters of ousted Honduras’ President Manuel Zelaya, one of them with a shirt covered with blood, talks to people next to a bullet-riddled motorbike outside the Toncontin international airport in Tegucigalpa July 5, 2009.”

As the Glenn Reynolds notes, “Well, it wouldn’t be the first time” for a Reuters fauxtography scandal. Is it time for another Picture Kill to be issued?

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