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Burying The Lede

As Jim Geraghty writes, "Thank God This Promise Came With an Expiration Date":

I agree with Mickey Kaus that the New York Daily News gossip columnist buries the lede: "Before John Edwards owned up to his affair with [Reille] Hunter, [former Edwards aide Andrew] Young says he told him that Barack Obama had promised he’d make him attorney general if he didn’t pick him as his 2008 running mate."

Which helps to explain why the MSM was so eager to bury not just the lede, but the whole story last year: keeping the news of Edwards supressed -- at least until Obama limped safely over the finish line in November -- benefited not just Edwards but The One himself.

As I wrote in November, when another buried story hit the Blogosphere, with little thanks to the MSM, "When the MSM moans about the gallons of red ink it’s spilled since 2001, it needs to ask itself if it’s prepared to actually report the news, in a fashion that interests readers, or if it exists as a non-profit ideological support system."