Ed Driscoll

"Cap And Trade Doesn't Work"

Guy Benson writes, “Thus reads the headline of an important piece in today’s Wall Street Journal Europe.  Martin Livermore of the Scientific Alliance cautions the US to learn from Europe’s mistakes.”

Don Surber notes that curiously, the Speaker of the House has asked one of its biggest proponents to lay low: “Pelosi to Gore: Go away”:

Fox News: “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she had decided not to impose on the former vice president after the list of undecided lawmakers narrowed Wednesday.”

Of course, that made no sense at all. He was scheduled to speak to Congress at 1 p.m. today.

“It was a question of what was energy efficient for the vice president,” Pelosi said. “We were narrowing the list of the undecided and thought perhaps another occasion we could call upon his time to come here.”

That is illogical. Her vote counting has nothing to do with his appearance…

…unless congressmen did not want him to show up.

Maybe the Nobel-Emmy-Tony-Oscar-Kid’sChoiceAward-winning Gore has fallen so far out of favor with the public that he is the last guy you want speaking for you.

Now there’s an inconvenient truth.