Ed Driscoll

Hell Up In Tehran

Ed Morrissey has a grim-sounding report on the news trickling out of Iran today. Or as Jules Crittenden puts it, “No Happy Ending.”

Back in the States, Don Surber swerves to avoid the “Deer in the Iranian headlights.”

Meanwhile, to follow-up on a topic from today’s PJM Political show, Michael C. Moynihan writes, “Yes, Twitter is playing an important role in Iran.”

Since the epic #CNNFail demonstrates that mass media is out to lunch on this topic (par for the course at CNN), a decentralized communication network is the best alternative.

Sadly though, Hugh Hewitt adds, “The feed at search.twitter.com using the term #iranelection is full of ominous messages from Iran.”

Glenn Reynolds links to regularly updated photos from Iran.