Ed Driscoll

Dispatches From Oceania

flag_of_ingsocLast week we linked to David Pryce Jones’ post on the 60th anniversary of the first publication of George Orwell’s 1984. So what’s happening on the island Orwell dubbed Airstrip One, where INGSOC — English Socialism run amok — is the law of the land?

“British cops stop and hassle thousands to ‘balance racial statistics.'”

Meanwhile, “Mark Steyn on why the fascists are winning in Europe”, from the latest issue of Macleans magazine (which I picked up yesterday at the Vancouver airport to read on the flight back from Alaska).

Update: Steve Green writes:

When the s*** hits the fan, for more than two centuries the best people in the world have been able to count on one thing: escaping to America.

Steve’s article is titled “Once Upon a Time in America” — and it may soon be “Lights Out” for that vision of America, to coin a phrase.