Ed Driscoll

"Because Not Just Anybody Can Summarize the News"

This just in from Stacy McCain: “The news business is not rocket science”:

That’s the basic insight at NTCNews.com, an insight inspired in part by Protein Wisdom‘s slogan, “Because Not Just Anybody Can Summarize the News.” And, thanks to Carol at No Sheeples Here, we’re proud to report that you don’t need a bowtie to aggregate the news, either.

The major inspiration, of course, was when Tucker Carlson came bigfooting into the blogosphere with his announcement that he would create the “Huffington Post of the Right.” This raised lots of eyebrows. Tucker’s a TV pundit. What the heck does he know about blogs? Well, what does anybody need to know about blogs? (Other than The Rules.) For all we know, the “TuckPo” will be absolutely wonderful. But it had better not suck.

We wish the TuckPo and NotTheTuckPo both the best of luck. But didn’t Andrew Breitbart already create the Huffington Post of the Right? After first helping Arianna create the Huffington Post of the left, of course.